Agreement and terms of service


The valid date is August 1st (2565)


Please visit pundai holmium the following website is called "pundai"Since this agreement is a legally binding limited company, i.e., the companyBecause of the requirements of your company, you have read and agreed to abide by the following terms of service: Before you sign up for pundai or use a third-party account, you must read the full details. Considering the details of this agreement, it emphasizes step by step.


When you sign up for the service fee from pundai or use someone else's account at the time the agreement takes effect. The company will carefully read and understand this agreement, and agree to the user and approval rights of Dai with the United Nations. The obligations and obligations under this Agreement are voluntary and are understood by you. If you do not agree or understand the terms of this agreement, you can stop using this platform or service. Yes, yundai immediately


Pundai terms of service




1.1. Pundai refers to a limited Panya company, which is the developer of a website, according to the agreement. Therefore, the company will modify the service model according to appropriate comments. And modifications do not affect your rights under this agreement. Please contact us for information. Or give up all your time.


1.2 user: refers to the registered user or login user accessing pundai. It is determined that it is bound by this agreement. The account holder's use of the following pundai services is called "user" or "user". This includes unlimited headers, group members, etc.ws91


1.3 service refers to the use of software and the development of HTML5 Web format. Users can publish product information using pundai. Including the following bidding information, or commodities traded at the same time. You can check your income through pundai.


You understand and acknowledge that pundai is the user's software service provider. Pundai is not an online platform, nor an intermediary. Non seller and non user transactions The user agrees to be responsible for the possible damage caused by the user's behavior.


1.4 subsidiary refers to the legal person directly or indirectly controlled or the same legal person. This means that legal persons have the right to decide or persuade management directly or indirectly. Or affect the voting rights or other methods of administrative decisions.


Agreement and change of agreement


2.1 agreement


This agreement is between the company and the company, and accepts your login and use of the service. Accept and promise the agreement, including the information in the annex, if any, and all the agreements that pundai has released or will release in the future. Including rules, explanations, usage rules, instructions, announcements, explanations, other information, etc. the following are the so-called "service rules". Undai's documents and the agreement on ancillary services are a part of this Agreement and have the legal effect of the terms of the agreement. If the terms, if any, of the agreement and the annexes conflict or violate the service law. This will be a result of later published documents.


2.2 change of agreement


He acknowledged the potential changes due to the rapid development of the Internet. This may result in no clear or comprehensive interest between the terms of this Agreement and the company. In order to fully meet the needs of development, the company shall modify, modify and cancel the provisions. The content of this agreement is based on commercial principles.


The company will issue a notice according to the law and will change the validity of the agreement instead of the original agreement. You understand and accept that it is your responsibility to track and understand the changes in this agreement at all times. Those who disagree can cancel the service immediately. In addition, the company believes that the sale and acceptance of these changes in the agreement and the continued use of the company's services after the day. Change of agreement


Application service


User attributes 3.1


After you register or log in to pundai You acknowledge and warrant that you have the right to abide by this agreement in accordance with Thai laws.


The following teleplays have passed the certification and are guaranteed to be qualified.


Natural person 3.1.1


"1" and "41" are from the age of 18.


People who are absolutely rational are not insane, and the judge orders them to become incompetent or bankrupt.


Holmium 3 41 holmium does not participate in any activities of members, whether directly or indirectly, or manage, assist, support and promote. Or consult illegal groups such as associates, anti-government forces, and there is no law or constitution. Separatist forces, land, terrorist organizations, transnational criminal organizations, anti humanity organizations, pirates, cheaters or diamond chains. Etc.


——He has never been imprisoned, sentenced to imprisonment, financial related crimes, terrorism and transnational crimes. This includes but is not limited to money laundering, fraud, and illegal acts of property and financial institutions. Securities and securities market law, law on prevention and suppression of financial support to terrorists Laws to prevent and suppress human trafficking or the involvement of transnational criminal organizations


Entity 3.1.2


A legal person is registered and has a large office.


Holmium industry 2.41 holmium entities without purpose may mean restrictions on services, with the same characteristics or similar services to the company.


Account holder registration